Procurement Category Management Services

As procurement continues to evolve toward a strategic enterprise function, CPOs and other senior procurement leaders are routinely evaluated on their team’s strategic contributions to the overall business.

Make no mistake, cost control remains a prime objective. But cost control per se is increasingly considered “table stakes” these days, especially in the C-suite. How can you deliver impressive savings year after year and raise your game?

With category management services from, procurement teams in market-leading enterprises not only save more money, but also improve supplier performance, mitigate supply risks, and drive innovation and continuous improvement.

Power of Pro-Active

Capable suppliers, good terms – the standard “punch list” only goes so far.

Identified savings can easily leak away due to poor compliance, shifting business requirements or inadequate supplier performance.

Pro-active management is imperative to ensure that the suppliers and contracts deliver real savings to the bottom line.

  • Real-time market intelligence on commodities and suppliers
  • Best-practice methodologies across industries and categories
  • Accurate category planning, including forecasting and budgeting
  • Real-time visibility into supplier performance and scorecards
  • Pro-active contract reviews, renewals and contract compliance
  • Reduced maverick buying and more spend under management
  • Real-time measurement and tracking of identified savings vs. realized savings
  • Continuous annual cost reductions driven by process improvements and innovation

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